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“I've been working with Kate for more than four years over several sites - she is a very talented and professional writer that I would recommend to anyone. She shows a clear and natural grasp of the topics she undertakes and writes in an inviting, concise style for readers!”

Javier Colayco, Site Manager

"When you’ve been an editor as long as I have, you hold onto an exceptional contributing editor when you find one. And Kate Barrington falls into that category. We’ve worked together for three years and I’m planning to never let her go! She hits all her deadlines; her work is well researched. The only direction she needs is a go-ahead to write, and the articles she submits are spotless and error-free. Kate Barrington is a life-saver and I give her four paws up!"

Amy Tokic, Editor

"I have worked with Kate for over a year now and I fully trust her work. The quality is always excellent and she makes it very easy to work with her. I have owned physical businesses and the headaches and hassles of employees are a distant memory. Kate is one person I work with that makes that happen and she is one of the best. I look forward to working with her for more years to come."

Bryan Biernat


"When I first requested Kate's writing services I was in need of a hands-on, detail-oriented content writer to create and edit our digital self-help products. Kate turned out to be just the person we needed. She is always extremely prompt and punctual in delivering projects, and not a single eBook or article written by her has ever needed significant editing or transformation. All her work for us has been wonderfully executed: on point, respecting the specs, and originally written.

Andreea Bitar, Editor

Lion Publishing, LTD

"Whatever the topic, I always found Kate to be energetic and fully engaged in producing the best possible content. She approached each job with positivity and enthusiasm, recommending ways to improve upon my outlines. I highly recommend Kate if you’re looking for a hardworking writer who produces vibrant, accurate content and does so with a keen eye to publishing cycles and needs." 

David Staloch

Publishing Consultant, Freelance Editor

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